There are several challenges when producing video on a green screen. One of these hurdles is being able to choose the right camera for shooting your film and using our video production services and studio.

When it comes to shooting on a green screen, you could say that not all cameras are created equal or will be effective. It can be a tricky task and choice to make so continue reading to learn how to choose the right camera for shooting on our green screens. It’s all about using your exposure settings correctly.


You need a camera where you can adjust the ISO setting if you want to have a successful shoot. Avoid adding grain to your footage by keeping your ISO or gain as low as it goes. It’ll be difficult to key out your background when you have grain on your footage. When your ISO is high you’ll find it adds green, red, and blue colour grain.

Shutter Speed

You’ll also want to be able to adjust the shutter speed on your camera easily for best results when shooting on our green screens. You can avoid motion blur by increasing the shutter speed. Motion blur is a real problem when shooting on any green screen. Aim to use a camera in which you can achieve a shutter speed of 1/125 – 1/250. Keep in mind that when you adjust your shutter speed that there are other settings that will be impacted so you’ll need to also modify your iris or your lighting for optimal exposure.

Exposure / F-Stop / Depth of Field

Depth of field impacts the way your foreground matches with your background when shooting on a green screen. Try to always use a higher F-Stop and more depth of field which will be helpful during post-production when you need to key out the green screen. You need your image to be in focus and aim to avoid the outside edge of your foreground being soft.  

Tips for Choosing A Camera

Look for a camera that offers a wide selection of features and accessories that comes with it. Select a camera with ideal speeds such as having 4K shooting capabilities. Make sure the camera you pick to shoot on our green screen has plenty of lens options which will make it easy to choose the perfect lens for creating your video. You may also want a camera that captures exceptional images so that there won’t be as much work required on your part during post-production. There are also cameras with low light correction technology so you can shoot in these types of conditions on a green screen.


The camera you choose to use is essential for filming in our studio and making sure it turns out the way you want it to. It’s not just about having access to these camera settings but you must also focus on the lighting, spacing, and tripod choices you make to ensure a great outcome. Get in touch with us to learn more about our green screens in particular and we’ll help you choose the best camera for the job.  

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