Stage B

DRIVE-IN GREEN SCREEN cove studios in london

Our brand new pre-lit Green Screen Studios with U shape cove, motorised grid and drive-in access!


Cove: U Shape white cove
Size: 2256 ft²
Dimensions: 48ft (w) 47ft (L) 25ft (H) to grid
Drive in access: 12FT (W) 12ft (H) 
Motorised Lighting Grid
Green & Black reversible curtain 
Production Office: 
225 ft² (air conditioned)
H&M + Wardrobe Room: 225 ft² (air conditioned)
Our infinity green studios are supplied with a freshly painted floor.


100A Per phase 
125A 3 Phase (switchable RCD)
63A 3 Phase (switchable RCD)
32A 3 phase (switchable RCD)
9 x 63A single phase (3 stage right) (6 stage left)
3 x 32A single phase
3 x 16a single phase

Look At Our Green screen studios Layout

drive in green cove studios london
London Film Studios @2021
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